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Based on the diagnosis, the physical state of the patient, and other health factors, our medical team will tailor the program to achieve the best possible results. Whether that means to perform Stem Cell Treatment, IMR therapy, Current treatment protocols (Disease modifying therapies, Medications, Muscle relaxants etc) or a combination of them all.
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How we can slow down
or even halt the progression of the disease
and improve MS symptoms?
Stem cell treatment
Cell therapy produces the highest results: remyelination of nerve fibers and a decreased effect of demyelination in the acute phase; general intensification of regeneration of nerve tissues; immunomodulation.
We use donor and autologous (own) mesenchymal cells, which can be from one's bone marrow, adipose tissue, peripheral blood, umbilical blood, or umbilical cord.
IMR therapy
IMR therapy - Intracellular Metabolism Recovery Therapy. Intensifies the effect of cellular and classical therapy 2 - 3 times as well as prolongs the effects. This therapy involves a mixture of probiotics, prebiotics, a set of amino acids, vitamins, and microelements of enhanced purification.
Current treatment protocols
If necessary, we suggest adjusting the current therapy or supplementing it with additional classical protocols.
Additional methods for boosting treatment results
The methods involves Hypoxytherapy, Botox treatment, Oxygen, Laser Blood Irradiation, Plasmapheresis, Physiotherapy, Interferential and magnetic field therapy, Sparkwave therapy
Unfortunately, there is no cure for multiple sclerosis. We have been treating patients since 2011 and the treatment typically focuses on speeding up the recovery from attacks, slowing down or halting the progression of the disease, and improving MS symptoms
How could this treatment help those with MS?
The treatment gives MS patients a chance to go back couple of steps on the EDSS scale and return to a more normal life.
  • The treatment could help when conventional medicine fails
  • The treatment delays disabilities and overturns some of the damaged body functions caused by multiple sclerosis
  • Immunomodulation - prevents the immune system from attacking the nerve cells, and reduces the amount of damage done by multiple sclerosis disease
  • Remyelinating - reverses the loss of myelin and rebuilds it
  • Patients stated that treatment improved their symptoms
- Decreased pain and spasms
- Decreased tingling and numbness
- Improved coordination and gait
- Improved bowel and bladder control
- Improved speech
- Improved visual functions
- Increased vitality
Patients have consistently reported the following improvement of symptoms:
Why do people around the world come to Swiss Medica?
Swiss Medica XXI Century has successful medical and clinical centers worldwide.
The success and clinics include:

  • 4 outpatient/inpatient clinics (Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, and Russia)
  • 45 video testimonials of patients from across the UK, USA, Australia, Italy, United Arab Emirates, and many more. These will be sent via email at a later date.
  • Television and newspapers have shared the success stories of our treatment
  • The Swiss Medica research team is guided by elite physicians, scientists, and researchers
Is it guaranteed to work for everyone?
When it comes down to what treatment program will suit you best and what results you can expect, there is no one-size-fits-all answer.
All of our patients are examined and consulted face to face in the clinic so that disclosure of the expected results are made possible with a tailored treatment plan to suit individual circumstances.

There is no longer the need to fly abroad If you're not able to, we can now arrange a free online consultation with Medical Advisor that will give you the same experience. The medical team will tailor the treatment program according to your case and will inform you of the expected results.

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We take the time to learn every detail about each of our patients, including MRI results, short videos of everyday activities (walking upstairs, downstairs, speech, breathing, etc.), and any previous medical reports (if it's possible to provide them). All of this information is gathered in order to create a treatment combination that is perfectly suitable.
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