Dr. Prof. med Manfred Rützler
CEO of Swiss Medica
Prof. Dr. med Manfred Rützler is one of the leading world's specialists in anti-aging, biomedicine, cosmetology, surgery, and many other areas of medical science.

He is the President of Austrian Union of Aesthetic Medicine, a member of German Aesthetic Medicine Association, a member of German Association of Liposuction, and a member of Austrian Association of Phlebology.

Prof. Dr. med Manfred Rützler pioneered the field of liposuction. He developed his own medical devices and equipment for liposuction which have the best results in outpatient cosmetic surgery and which have had no registered complications.

With over 10,000 varicosity operations, Prof. Dr. med Manfred Rützler is one of the
world's leading specialist in this area of medicine. He personally developed a sensational, unique microsurgery operation technique. This innovative technique allows him to conduct operations on an outpatient basis.
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